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Why Should You Learn Children?

Typically, the artistic aspects of a person are more or less “dominated” by the gift of abundance. Therefore, one thing that every parents might be concerned about is whether they should let their children learn to draw. That is whether they are gifted in this subject, whether they are interested in learning to draw, etc. But painting for children at a young age will mean more than just giftedness when contributing to the development of children.

Should children learn to draw from young?

Children draw to show what they feel and think.

Children do not formulate their linguistic thinking as much as adults do instead. They show their minds through images as their main. According to , 33% of children are visual learners. Moreover, art stimulates thinking in both brain hemispheres. Although some people may consider art education a luxury, creative activities are simply an appropriate way for a child’s age to help them “set up” their thinking. Learning how to create and appreciate visual aesthetics can be more important than ever for the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

Let your child learn to draw early to develop aesthetic perception

Drawing contributes to foster imagination in children.

A rich imagination is a factor that helps children increase their ability to create and communicate thoughts – the two main components that any child can have. As they are imagining, they can formulate scripts and play on their own, thus becoming more independent and progressive later

The selection of appropriate colors and harmonies helps children realize beauty. Thereby, parents can recognize children’s talents and aesthetic sense. So even though his drawings will be difficul

Psychologists call this a creative phenomenon in young children, and this creativity is strongest when children are under 5 years old.

Children learn to draw early to show better emotions

Drawing is considered a channel of communication with the world around the child.

One thing that is noticeable in modern adults today is that people often find it difficult to express emotions when they have to hide and repress too much before. Drawing is a way to reconnect with your inner feelings and learn how to express it.

So, letting your child learn to draw early means giving your child the opportunity to acquire this necessary skill from an early age. The colors they use, the doodles they draw, … are all great things that help children “talk” about what they are feeling, and make it easier for them to do this as they grow up.

Help to train memory

Painting helps children train their sight and ability to observe the world around them.

When drawing, children must learn about things and things by observing, storing information and re-expressing through their lenses. This activity helps to train memory.

A more specific expression in adults to help us understand the relevance of images and the ability to remember, is that most people admit to remembering a content represented by images (diagrams). , infographic, …), it’s easier than remembering the same content and showing it in writing.

That’s why the development of a baby needs exposure to painting from an early age.

Help your child develop better when learning academic subjects

Many parents often wonder whether or not to let their children learn to draw. Because thinking that their children are not gifted in painting, then learning to draw will not help. But parents hastily “mistaken” to study art is only for artistic talent offline.

Many studies have shown the correlation of painting (or arts in general) with other achievements. Especially in the study of natural sciences.

The concept of fine arts, especially visual arts, of the new age does not require the talent required. The orientation to the children’s future or artistic career. This can simply be seen as an educational way to increase multidimensional thinking and sensory ability of children, which can help children learn better later.

In addition, if a child really wants to pursue an art, the subject will become a way to help children have a healthy form of entertainment, instead of playing games or watching TV as an example.

5. Learning to draw early helps me gain confidence

Asian babies, who become adults almost all face difficulties in their confidence. The concept of education with little respect for the “me” of the old era is a factor influencing this.

The concept and direction of education for children has gradually changed to correct these missing values. Teaching children to believe in themselves is essential. And for children, when their perceptions are still immature, choosing painting to send these values ​​to their children is a smart choice for parents.

The paintings I painted are also great achievements for me. So, please acknowledge and give the children praise. These compliments have a positive impact on the development of the child very much.