How it all started
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How it all started?

I just went back from a trip in Kuala Lumpur, where I, surprisingly, had the biggest appetite of my life. I already had passed up a lot of delish fanfares and buffets but this, I just can’t say no. Looking at the cuisines PLOY had served on our table, and finally devouring them like I have not eaten real food for the first time, was truly an orgasmic experience. My friends and I surely enjoyed the night. Camwhoring took place afterwards, plus we got to talk to one of their cute wine servers.

Petronas Twin Towers amidst the deep blue sky.

Howdy! This is Jeanette Anzon, and that is just a glimpse of what you will be seeing here in my blog. I have been stressing myself lately whether to create one or not, but with a lot of persistence coming from my friends, and due to the freezing loads I have from work and everyday life, I decided to party chase, and have a taste of my long- time dream of a career: writing and photography. This is how it all started.

Yes! Writing and photography have been a passion of mine. Though I had archived notes and albums in my Facebook account, I felt the need to create a host for my writings and photos so I may be able to impart more of my knowledge and experiences to a large audience. This first post may come random to your assessment, but in the next few days, expect a solid, structured blog, complete with categories of topics: Marketing, Technology, Home Improvement and Design, Hosting, etc. But in the mean time, give yourself more time knowing me.

I graduated from UP Los Baños, and took my Masters degree in Architecture in UP Diliman, where I found out that the models for the Oblation statue came from 3 people for certain body parts. Now, isn’t that strangely awesome? With that overture, I think you know why I engaged in Architecture. I see it as both science and art, which most of my pictures on structural designs, buildings, homes, etc, manifest. In fact, one of my proposed designs for CCP Architectural Design competition exhibit was displayed as a scale model. That achievement made me more driven.

Now, I currently work in the real estate industry, while steadily learning about marketing, and a little bit of Economics.

Before my knack in writing expires, let me share you an adage popularized by Robert Frost:

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”