A Frugal Mom’s Guide to Enjoying the Last Days of Summer1
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A Frugal Mom’s Guide to Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoy the remaining days of summer while they last! During this season, when school is still out, you just can’t wait to spend a lot of time with your kids. Summer is the opportune time when your kids will not have to bother getting busy most of the day with school work. This is the time when your kids keep themselves busy at home, playing. As the last days of summer lie ahead, don’t bore your kids by confining themselves within the walls of your house, playing with their toys. Your kids may want to enjoy the remaining moments of their vacation by doing various activities outside the house. As this becomes apparent, monetary resources become a pressing issue. Just how do you have enjoyable summer activities in the coming weeks without bearing a hole in your wallet? Take out a pen and a paper. Jot down these creative tips that will help you have fun, without spending a fortune.

A Frugal Mom’s Guide to Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Spend Time Outdoors

The residential playground is the best place to initiate last-minute summer activities for you and your kids. Having a summer activity at your backyard playground gives your kids a feeling of coziness. Conceptualize an activity at your backyard that will not cost you too much money. Be careful not to compromise the great bonding moments between you and your kids, though.

Boogie Down in Your Backyard

Incorporate dancing sessions during play time at your backyard. Have your kids do the dancing moves while climbing down a playground to motivate them to show their body’s grace. Dancing motivates kids to appreciate music even more, while avoiding monotony during play.

Outdoor Playground and Toys

Having other simple toys in your playground such as a jumping rope provides other avenues for your kids to enjoy outdoor play time. Avoid getting your kids bored with just some plain equipment in your playground by having these toys. Your kids will realize the playground is a place where unlimited play tools are. The jumping rope, in particular, will exercise your kids. Keep kids fit while they sweat it out on a jumping rope.

Have an Ice Cream Sale

Refresh your kids while summer last. Selling ice cream at your backyard allows your kids to have bonding moments with friends, while enjoying the delicious taste of ice cream. What’s more, you and your kid get to profit from selling tons of ice cream! This gives you and your child additional money when the going gets tough!

Have a Bike Car Wash

Get your kids and their friends to engage in a bike car wash session in your neighborhood to teach them the essence of responsibility. Kids will get to spend their free time productively by participating in this type of activity. Along the way, your kids will become more industrious by doing something worthwhile.

Make a Nature Bracelet

Making handicrafts boosts your child’s brain. It also allows her to produce creative and useful outputs during her remaining free time. Alternatively, you and your child may opt to sell your newly-made handicraft products to put them to good use.

Make Bubble Wands with Your Child

Bubbles leave a sense of joy in every child’s mood. This is particularly true during moments when the intermittent heat of the sun frustrates your child. Bubble Wands bring light in your child’s eyes.

Have a Cupcake Decorating Contest

Your child will be proud of her ability to bake and decorate cupcakes, as she gains admiration from friends and loved ones. A cupcake decorating contest especially helps in saving money on food during the remaining days of summer.

Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

Seeing a movie while in the midst of a beautiful summer night will rejuvenate your child’s mood. Let your child enjoy watching her favorite movie in the midst of a cooler summer night air.

Go Jogging in Your Backyard

Healthy running is encouraged, especially for young people like your child. Summer is the time when your child has a lot more time for physical exercise. When school is around, your child is usually stuck slumped in a classroom chair, getting no exercise at all. It is best though, to go jogging when the sun is almost going to set, to avoid exposing your child to the harmful rays of the sun.

Enjoy a Cool Dip at the Beach

Take your kids to the beach and let them enjoy playing with the sand and water. Do not be afraid to accompany your kids to explore the cold water. Giving your kids encouragement and support to explore the ocean makes them tougher and stronger.

Expose Your Child to Public Play

Frugal summer fun activities for the family are possible in a commercial playground!

First, choose a playground equipment that piques the interest and creativity of your child. Public playgrounds usually charge a lot of money for entrance tickets if they provide expensive equipments. Use your resourcefulness to search for playgrounds in the yellow pages or online directories that do not charge expensive tickets.

Playground that offers used equipments exhibiting durability and usability charges cheaper admission tickets. Exercise sound judgment in discerning these equipments are safe for your child to use, to avoid serious accidents and injuries.

Picnic on a Lazy Summer Day

Playground picnic hacks provide kids opportunities to role play in the company of their favorite foods, playmates and other loved ones. Picnics do not need to be elaborate for your kids to enjoy them. Save your extra money for expenses in the next summer picnic.

The benefits of playground interaction for parents and kids are sensational and present limitless possibilities. It seems that you are nowhere in your kids’ lives when they are at school. The kids’ constant companions are books and teachers, not you. During the remaining days of summer, make your kids feel they are not only enjoying a vacation, but also valuable and memorable moments spent with family. And the good news is that, it does not need to be costly to enjoy these precious moments with your kids!

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