Furnished or Unfurnished Condo?

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To furnish or not to furnish, that is the question. Condo hunters oftentimes have this question ignored yet face it once they have settled in. Suddenly, you find yourself paying for the TV, which came with the unit and you barely even used; and maybe a couch too that perfectly matches the walls of the unit. These extra facilities/amenities limits you and your creativity in decorating your home.

Having an unfurnished room frees you up to customize your personal space. You could design your place whichever way you like — one of the most exciting parts of the condo-living experience. This is more suitable if you are staying there for a longer period of time. Unfurnished rooms saves you the risk of paying damaged properties in your room since you own them. An unfurnished room gives you the authority to really call the place your own. Also, usually they are more cheaper than furnished rooms.

But then buying furniture on your own is costly. Then there’s the looming possibility that you’re going to move again, and it’s such a hassle to have all those furniture be moved out again.  If you are living on a condo for only a short period of time, furnished rooms is the way to go. It may have a slight increase on the rent, but it gives you the comfort and saves you the time and money of making the condo more habitable.

So, to each his own. If you’re more concern about your own personal space and you’re willing to put effort and money in that, get an unfurnished room. On the other hand if you want the comfort of having a place to sleep on and eat in without the hassles and expenses, you’ll be more suited to have a furnished room.

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