Apartments As the Right Way for Urbanization

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World population has reached 7 billion in 2011 and is now even more poised for rapid growth. According to a United Nations report, the world population will reach 14 billion by 2100. Density is now a big problem on some areas in the world. Forests are being cut in favor of cities, pollution now is more rampant. But rather than look at population crawl horizontally over the land, why shouldn’t we imagine it going upwards?

The rise of real estate, apartments and condominiums in cities helps people find space without compromising the size of the land. Rather than take up a huge chunk of land for people to live in, they instead take a relatively small piece of land and live vertically. In this way, space is being maximized, allotting more space for parks and other greeneries.

Many people are saying that the increase of density of people in cities is becoming a problem but in fact it could lead to another way of approaching urbanization. Why would we spread ourselves in the ground, when we could go to the top?

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