7 Easy Ways to Enhance and Burglar-Proof Your Windows

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Who doesn’t love a view? People are willing to pay extra for a view of the beach, garden or city skyline. They don’t even mind settling for a smaller space so long as it has a scenic view. And what magnifies these views? The windows, which some homeowners take for granted. Any room would benefit from beautiful windows. From simple window designs to more elaborate ones, this entryway will surely brighten interiors.

The windows do not only complement the architecture and design of a home. They also serve as a home’s primary ventilation. Natural light and air flow through them. If a house does not have enough windows, it feels cramped and dark.

Windows are also crucial to home safety. It is a home’s primary defense. In a manner of speaking, windows are the frontlines. It is not enough that they can be opened and closed, has a glass or ordinary locks. Other than the front and back doors, windows are a preferred point of entry of burglars. Statistics show that 23% of burglaries in the United States were initiated through the first-floor window. If you are yet to be convinced that windows do not play a vital role in home security, that alarming data might just change your mind.

If you are planning to do some home upgrades, you might want to push windows up the top of your priorities list. For the sake of beautiful interiors, energy savings, and home safety, find out how you can go about a window makeover.

Frame the beauty of nature

If you are lucky enough to have a bit of a view, make sure your windows frame it really well. Imagine your windows as canvas and the view is the painting. Enhance the borders so much so that the interiors complement the outdoors. You may choose to design it with small squares just below the roof line or halfway through so that it looks like a continuous masterpiece.

A window design idea for the living room is to get inspiration from the view for the look of the living space. If your living room is facing the garden, you may choose earth colors—from wall paint to furniture—in dressing up the space.

Make it energy efficient

You can improve existing windows and make them more energy efficient. Just by adding storm windows, you can reduce air leakage and improve comfort around the house. Coverings can also reduce heat loss during cold months and heat gain during summer. You may also install awnings and apply sun-control or reflective films to reduce heat from the sun. By doing this, you save energy by letting natural light in but you get to reduce its heat.


Window of privacy

You can have natural light come into your room without compromising your need for privacy. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. Figure out opacity levels for window treatments all over the house. In some rooms, you might want transparent glass and  in other parts of the house you may go for translucent treatments. While the view may be a bit obscured, natural light may still flow through. You may also want a darker tint for private spaces such as the bedroom. This also shields your personal belongings from being seen from the outside.


Burglar-proofing windows


Do not end with privacy. Go all out and burglar-proof your windows to give another layer of protection for your home.

Most windows are made of glass. Reinforce glass by replacing them with tempered glass, which are more durable. It also among the least expensive options in reinforcing glass. Laminated glass, otherwise known as safety glass, is also a good option. Acrylic plastic windows or Plexiglas windows have the same thickness as glass but 10 times stronger. Polycarbonate is also a good material since it is impact resistant and stronger than acrylic.

For added security for your windows, you might want to install iron bars. There are decorative window bars available that can fit any home style. Lastly, secure window locks with deadbolts.

Alarm for windows

When you have kids at home, you can never compromise safety. This is why an alarm system for your window is a must. This could be the regular sensor alarms that detect when a window is being opened or is broken into. Modern alarms for windows also control locks and may be operated remotely. They are mostly wireless so installing them is a breeze. If you are wondering how to keep your kids safe at home, window alarm is a nice place to start.


Beyond repair

If your windows are old, dilapidated, and totally on the worse for wear, it might be more practical and cost-efficient to replace them than try to improve them. In coming up with replacement window ideas, you must choose the right window that will fit the style of your home.

What is your home like? Is it coastal, modern, farmhouse, cottage, Mediterranean, Balinese or shingle? Your window must have a style that looks authentic. It should not look like a sore thumb sticking out. Another great replacement idea is choosing to be more sustainable and going for energy-efficient windows. They come in a variety of designs so don’t worry about style.


Dress them up

From flowing curtains to modern roll-ups, decide on a window treatment that enhances the beauty of your home. You may go for blinds or Roman shades, too. Think vertical when dressing up windows. A ceiling to floor curtain gives the illusion of a bigger space. Do not be afraid to experiment with color. Figure out how you want your place to feel and dress your windows accordingly.

Windows are more than just openings in the wall. They capture the outdoors and bring the beauty of nature into your home. They also nourish you with natural air and light, which are primary sources of healthy living. They also protect you from people who want to do you harm. Don’t you think they deserve much love from you, too?


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