6 Spooktacular Design Ideas That Are Perfect For The Halloween

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Spooktacular Design Ideas

Image by Buzzfeed via Pinterest

Halloween, just like Christmas, allows you to be more playful with your home’s interior. Whether you want a full theme for your house or just to create enough spooks to celebrate the season, here are some excellent ways to spice up your Halloween home design.

Bangerric Door

Nothing beats making a lasting first impression. What better way to make sure your guests does not forget their Halloween by welcoming them with some spooky and interesting decor? Jennifer Perkins, blogger and DIY crafter, suggests working with vintage pieces and standout tchotchkes. If you are a fan of the medieval era then accentuating your door is one of the best ways to spice up your home. The era is best known for their staggering gates and elaborate doors.

The best thing about decorating doors is that they can be easier compared to the rest of the house. Your main point is the entrance. You just need to build around the structure instead of creating a whole new piece. Work with curtains to draw more attention from your visitors. Fill it with lights or cobwebs to emphasize Halloween. Add some twigs if you want guests to feel like they are on an adventure into discovering your home. Scattering some on the way to the door with stems, pumpkins, and leaves can complete the look.

Good Housekeeping recommends using ravens on the twigs or branches before the door. They should make a killer home design entrance. Add some DIY lanterns for finishing touches. Watch how your entryway and door transforms at night once you turn on the lanterns.

Spooking Dining

Halloween can be a party or a feast. You can decorate your dining area to make it more ominous and reminiscent of the spirit of Halloween. It is also one of the best areas to explore different decorations. You can turn it into medieval dining set adding cobwebs all over the area. Try to get some big candle holders and melt the candles to halfway to create a spookier effect.

ABC News suggests playing with fabrics to scare up the chairs. Try to go for older or used up fabric to cover the seating. The older the cloth looks, the scarier it can appear. If you want to be playful for the children, get some character-themed cloth.

Fancy Cribs recommends using a black table and black table cloth. You can paint or draw a huge cobweb on the fabric. Set crystal glasses and white porcelain plates for a great contract. Go for little orange pumpkins as centerpieces. These should all add up to a gloomy look.

Hall Of Scare

You can do this either by the fireplace, living room or hallway. Transform the area into a gallery for ghosts. Good Housekeeping recommends printing out 19th-century portraits or any historical figures. Mount them on coal-colored cardboard to serve as picture frames. Light some candles in between the photos and place cobwebs over the portraits. You can also print out or find an old painting to serve as the center. Find some old tattered books and place on the side for more effect. Try not to keep it too organized so as to create the illusion of an abandoned shrine or house.

Hall Of Scare

Image by Halloween Forum via Pinterest

You can also try this theme on other parts of the house to make it more uniform. It does not have to be elaborate. Just put some old pictures and old books. Add some cobwebs and you have a convincing tribute to the ghosts of the past.

A Spider And A Plant

It is not just ghosts that take the spotlight during Halloween. Monsters, or at least, monster-looking creatures can also join in the fun. Look for a giant spider action figure or stuff toy. The season is all about bringing out what scares people and giant spiders certainly do the trick. They are not as hard to find and arrange. Many stores offer large versions. You can buy a couple and scatter all over your yard or around the house. Of course, they are not complete without their webs so add in some as well.

A Spider And A Plant

Image by The Hunt via Pinterest

Plants can also be as creepy looking as abandoned houses and castles. In fact, most of these places have plants creeping all over them. Have some fun with live plants. Do not just go for the usual jack-o-lanterns. Instead, stack then with succulents and mini vines. You do not have to create a mess around the house. Set them up on countertops or by the corner. Just like most spooky decors, do not forget your cobwebs. If you can find insect toy items then add them to the ensemble.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Image by MAKE via Pinterest

The scary season is all about dark. People associate the night and dark corners with everything frightening. You can create a similar effect by draping curtains on your windows or similar enclaves. Add some flying bats and webs to the fabric. Place the candelabra by a chair and beside the window for more enchanting effect.

You can extend the bats and the webs to the ceiling. Scatter the bats to create the effect that they are flying. If you can throw in some lights around then the better.

The Halloween Study

Studies can be areas where you share frightening stories. Dress up your bookshelf or other shelves around the house with cobwebs, bats, and spiders. Find as many tattered books around and arrange them in place. You can also use similar photographs in the ghost gallery for uniformity.

The Halloween Study

Image by Esquire via Pinterest

Place used candles on a smaller table by the shelf and complete with jack-o-lanterns or other vintage objects like glasses, pipes, and letters. Dim the lights or cover the windows to create dark corners.  Make it look like the room depends on the burning out candles for light. Live plants can also do the trick. Scatter some twigs by the window or paint cracked glass for a more convincing appeal.  Transform the room like there is a dark and ominous dweller about.

There are many ways to spook your house this season. These are just some of the ways you can join in the fun. Try to decide on a specific theme for more convenience.

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