A Frugal Mom’s Guide to Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Enjoy the remaining days of summer while they last! During this season, when school is still out, you just can’t wait to spend a lot of time with your kids. Summer is the opportune time when your kids will not have to bother getting busy most of the day with school work. This is the time when your kids keep themselves busy at home, playing. As the last days of summer lie ahead, don’t bore your kids by confining themselves within the walls of your house, playing with their toys. Your kids may want to enjoy the remaining moments of their vacation by doing various activities outside the house. As this becomes apparent, monetary resources become a pressing issue. Just how do you have enjoyable summer activities in the coming weeks without bearing a hole in your wallet? Take out a pen and a paper. Jot down these creative tips that will help you have fun, without spending a fortune.


Spend Time Outdoors

The residential playground is the best place to initiate last-minute summer activities for you and your kids. Having a summer activity at your backyard playground gives your kids a feeling of coziness. Conceptualize an activity at your backyard that will not cost you too much money. Be careful not to compromise the great bonding moments between you and your kids, though.


Boogie Down in Your Backyard

Incorporate dancing sessions during play time at your backyard. Have your kids do the dancing moves while climbing down a playground to motivate them to show their body’s grace. Dancing motivates kids to appreciate music even more, while avoiding monotony during play.


Outdoor Playground and Toys

Having other simple toys in your playground such as a jumping rope provides other avenues for your kids to enjoy outdoor play time. Avoid getting your kids bored with just some plain equipment in your playground by having these toys. Your kids will realize the playground is a place where unlimited play tools are. The jumping rope, in particular, will exercise your kids. Keep kids fit while they sweat it out on a jumping rope.

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Have an Ice Cream Sale

Refresh your kids while summer last. Selling ice cream at your backyard allows your kids to have bonding moments with friends, while enjoying the delicious taste of ice cream. What’s more, you and your kid get to profit from selling tons of ice cream! This gives you and your child additional money when the going gets tough!

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Have a Bike Car Wash

Get your kids and their friends to engage in a bike car wash session in your neighborhood to teach them the essence of responsibility. Kids will get to spend their free time productively by participating in this type of activity. Along the way, your kids will become more industrious by doing something worthwhile.


Make a Nature Bracelet

Making handicrafts boosts your child’s brain. It also allows her to produce creative and useful outputs during her remaining free time. Alternatively, you and your child may opt to sell your newly-made handicraft products to put them to good use.


Make Bubble Wands with Your Child

Bubbles leave a sense of joy in every child’s mood. This is particularly true during moments when the intermittent heat of the sun frustrates your child. Bubble Wands bring light in your child’s eyes.


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Have a Cupcake Decorating Contest

Your child will be proud of her ability to bake and decorate cupcakes, as she gains admiration from friends and loved ones. A cupcake decorating contest especially helps in saving money on food during the remaining days of summer.


Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

Seeing a movie while in the midst of a beautiful summer night will rejuvenate your child’s mood. Let your child enjoy watching her favorite movie in the midst of a cooler summer night air.


Go Jogging in Your Backyard

Healthy running is encouraged, especially for young people like your child. Summer is the time when your child has a lot more time for physical exercise. When school is around, your child is usually stuck slumped in a classroom chair, getting no exercise at all. It is best though, to go jogging when the sun is almost going to set, to avoid exposing your child to the harmful rays of the sun.


Enjoy a Cool Dip at the Beach

Take your kids to the beach and let them enjoy playing with the sand and water. Do not be afraid to accompany your kids to explore the cold water. Giving your kids encouragement and support to explore the ocean makes them tougher and stronger.


Expose Your Child to Public Play

Frugal summer fun activities for the family are possible in a commercial playground!

First, choose a playground equipment that piques the interest and creativity of your child. Public playgrounds usually charge a lot of money for entrance tickets if they provide expensive equipments. Use your resourcefulness to search for playgrounds in the yellow pages or online directories that do not charge expensive tickets.

Playground that offers used equipments exhibiting durability and usability charges cheaper admission tickets. Exercise sound judgment in discerning these equipments are safe for your child to use, to avoid serious accidents and injuries.


Picnic on a Lazy Summer Day

Playground picnic hacks provide kids opportunities to role play in the company of their favorite foods, playmates and other loved ones. Picnics do not need to be elaborate for your kids to enjoy them. Save your extra money for expenses in the next summer picnic.

Photo by Elizabeth Morris via Pinterest

The benefits of playground interaction for parents and kids are sensational and present limitless possibilities. It seems that you are nowhere in your kids’ lives when they are at school. The kids’ constant companions are books and teachers, not you. During the remaining days of summer, make your kids feel they are not only enjoying a vacation, but also valuable and memorable moments spent with family. And the good news is that, it does not need to be costly to enjoy these precious moments with your kids!

5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Five months ago, I started working as a freelancer. I was excited and enthusiastic when I took my first project. At last, I can work on my own time, on my own phase. And boy, I was wrong! I spent most of my week running around the city interviewing clients and presenting half-baked outputs. And the other half, I spent in front of my laptop figuring out how to finish a webpage that was sitting on my desktop for days. At the end of the second month, I was mentally exhausted. I still had a lot on my to-do list and I am already tapped out.


Photo Credit: Hawk Express via Flickr

I took a week to breathe and fix my messed up sleep cycle. During those days, I decided I want to approach the freelancing world one baby step at a time. Over the past few months, I have discovered ways to increase my productivity while reducing clutter and stress.

Decluttering the Space and the Brain
First on my list was to get rid of all the papers on my desk. It was hard enough to find my laptop among the mess; it was even harder to track what I was doing. According to a study conducted by Princeton University, physical clutter in our surroundings competes for attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress. So, I bought boxes to organize all the forms, documents and receipts lying around my desk. I started working on my table with only my laptop, pen, paper, and an occasional coffee mug.

Safe Travels Despite Medical Condition



Nowadays, more and more people are traveling, whether for business, for pleasure, or both.  Considering developments and innovations in our modern technology, traveling has never been this easy and convenient, hence encouraging many out there to indulge in their wanderlust.  You can book trips and tour packages online, read reviews and recommendations on activities, accommodation places, restaurants, shopping hubs and all other aspects of traveling you can think of… everything right at your fingertips (literally!).

Despite this convenient and practical way by which travels are planned, many may be missing out on the chance to see the rest of the world because of their medical condition.  They are missing out on a lot.  People who get to travel a lot see the world from different perspectives and have that wonderful opportunity to bond with family and friends while on such travels, and at the same time enjoy what the world and its beauty and wonder has to offer.  If you have a family member or a friend who hesitates to travel owing to some medical condition, it is high time you encourage him and let him know that, unless in extreme circumstances, one’s medical condition should never be an obstacle to seeing the world.

The Drive Towards Sustainability

Bring-your-own-bag campaigns. Electric-powered vehicles. Smaller water bottle caps. All of the above have something in common. They proudly carry the “eco-friendly” badge, and people are buying it.

The Green Trend

Green is the new black, and companies and countries altogether have been spending hefty amounts of money in the pursuance of sustainability.


 One of the first and best examples of eco-friendly companies is Puma. Having thought of a way to reduce Puma’s material and shipping costs, with the help of Yves Behar, they have come up with the Clever Little Bag to replace the traditional shoebox. It is a combo of a bag and a box: a flat cardboard sheet that folds up to a box structure that holds the shoes, and a cloth bag that snugly fits the box. With a fraction of the cost, they boast of 65% decrease in cardboard use, 8500 tons of spared paper, 20M megajoules of conserved electricity, and the list goes on.

Apartments as the right way for urbanization

World population has reached 7 billion in 2011 and is now even more poised for rapid growth. According to a United Nations report, the world population will reach 14 billion by 2100. Density is now a big problem on some areas in the world. Forests are being cut in favor of cities, pollution now is more rampant. But rather than look at population crawl horizontally over the land, why shouldn’t we imagine it going upwards?


The rise of real estate, apartments and condominiums in cities helps people find space without compromising the size of the land. Rather than take up a huge chunk of land for people to live in, they instead take a relatively small piece of land and live vertically. In this way, space is being maximized, allotting more space for parks and other greeneries.


Many people are saying that the increase of density of people in cities is becoming a problem but in fact it could lead to another way of approaching urbanization. Why would we spread ourselves in the ground, when we could go to the top?


Furnished or unfurnished condo?

To furnish or not to furnish, that is the question. Condo hunters oftentimes have this question ignored yet face it once they have settled in. Suddenly, you find yourself paying for the TV, which came with the unit and you barely even used; and maybe a couch too that perfectly matches the walls of the unit. These extra facilities/amenities limits you and your creativity in decorating your home.


Having an unfurnished room frees you up to customize your personal space. You could design your place whichever way you like — one of the most exciting parts of the condo-living experience. This is more suitable if you are staying there for a longer period of time. Unfurnished rooms saves you the risk of paying damaged properties in your room since you own them. An unfurnished room gives you the authority to really call the place your own. Also, usually they are more cheaper than furnished rooms.


But then buying furniture on your own is costly. Then there’s the looming possibility that you’re going to move again, and it’s such a hassle to have all those furniture be moved out again.  If you are living on a condo for only a short period of time, furnished rooms is the way to go. It may have a slight increase on the rent, but it gives you the comfort and saves you the time and money of making the condo more habitable.


So, to each his own. If you’re more concern about your own personal space and you’re willing to put effort and money in that, get an unfurnished room. On the other hand if you want the comfort of having a place to sleep on and eat in without the hassles and expenses, you’ll be more suited to have a furnished room.

Moving Out of your Parents House

Let’s assume you’ve spent your time at home working hard so you can start standing on your own two feet. You have a new job, and feel confident that you’re ready to leave the nest.  But, how do you get started?

Are you ready to move out of your parent’s house? Certainly, there are points that you should consider while you settle on your own, and have a life on your own. The following information should help you get through the big leap you are to make when moving out of your parents house.

  1. Financial substance. Your profit and benefit will influence what type of way of lifestyle you are going to lead. You should consider focusing on your needs first, before so spending. Switching out your house over investing on luxurious items which are definitely not necessary is a good start.
  2. Property searching. Look for an area in which you think suits your liking. There is definitely no pressure, but you need to integrate both studying and assessing in the process so you won’t have difficulties in the future. Also, choose a place that caters to your needs – not anyone else’s, although hosting a home event can be a manifestation of a versatile space. Drive around to see what your new city has to offer before you make your final decision. After all, the three most important things about picking the right place to move are location, location, and location.
  3. Attitude. You have to be emotionally prepared before moving out to your parents’ house. Things will happen, and you must eventually know how to deal with them, alone.
  4. Moderate way of lifestyle. You are now getting into a new world, where you are the master of your own wills. Avoid investing too much, and learn how to utilize your resources correctly.

Forewarning (These are set of questions you might want to consider asking yourself to better prepare you in the process.)

  1. When visiting a potential home for move- in, bring with you a companion, or anyone who had the same experience.
  2. Make sure that you get to know first the person/ people you will be living with.
  3. Inspect the area. Asking current tenants would also help a lot in giving out information to eventually fortify your decision.
  4. Discuss rules and regulations. Important concerns should be cleared.

When the time comes to move out of your parents’ home, you should be prepared for the independence. The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be at making it on your own.

A Glimpse on my Novel

Hola a todos! Cómo está? Estoy bien y feliz.
(Hello everyone! How are you? I am fine, and happy.)

My Spanish friend, Kori visited the town, and wanted to see me before she heads back to Equatorial Guinea in Middle Africa for work. Africa meant so much when I was growing up. I was exposed to films, and novels produced in the place. The Dogs of War is one of my favorite novels, and speaking of which, I have started one yet will probably take me more than a year or so to finish. Nevertheless, let me give you a glimpse of what I had worked on. It’s entitled, “I’m Dying Without Telling a Lie.”


“I’m Dying Without Telling a Lie”

I don’t really listen to what people tell me. I forget things I don’t like. I look down dead-end streets. When I was young, I thought Life: A User’s Manual, would teach me how to live, and Suicide: A User’s Manual, how to die.

The end of a relationship leaves me with a sad trace; the same as the death of a star. I am not afraid of what comes at the end of the rainbow; well they say it leads you to a pot of gold. I am slow to realize when someone mistreats me, it is always so surprising: evil is somehow unreal, don’t you think? I don’t. When I sit with bare legs on vinyl, my skin doesn’t slide, it squeaks, and I find it funny, though the sweat in between my calves makes a different horrid noise. Thus, welcoming thy varicose veins.

I silenced myself, and cry.
I archive.
I joke about death.
I do not love myself.
I do not hate myself.
My rap sheet is clean.

To take pictures at random goes against my nature, but since I like doing things that go against my nature, I have had to make up alibis to take pictures at random; to spend only to places that share a name.

I would rather be bored alone than with someone else. I roam empty places and eat in deserted restaurants. I do not say “A is better than B” but “I prefer A to B.” I never stop comparing.


Blog Progress

Napoleon Bonaparte

If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

I could not see the veracity on this quote by Bonaparte, and surely will not know his intentions either, hadn’t he died from cancer. But as promised, and is apparent from the changes I had made in my blog, I hope I have not disappointed anyone of you. I have now included a pool of topics in my menu bar ranging from Marketing, Technology, Home Improvement and Design, Hosting… to… Each category comprises of articles of how to’s and guides, news, or anything of value, which I will be strongly thorough with the content I make. I just want to make sure that I deliver what’s BEST for you.

Also, I will be including a contact page where a working contact form, my e-mail address, and social media- go to sites are provided. This page will serve a communication tool for you to reach out to me. You can send me in your concerns, questions, and criticisms as well. I am a great believer that any channel for communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how we can achieve the kind of freedoms that we’re interested in.

Tomorrow, I will start with my first official blog- objective post, which I will be featuring advice on how to prepare when moving out of your parents’ house. This will mostly cater to our young and single-minded professionals, who after spending four or more years away from home while in college, want to continue that feeling of freedom.

Back in 2009, when I graduated from UP Los Baños, all I contemplated about was to look for a job, and be hired immediately, discounting the fact that this would be a new and more challenging life for me. Since I have no connections in Manila, I have to live in an apartment, look for one, and do all the transactions alone. The experience from moving out to moving in felt a misery. I believe that with the set of guidelines I’ll prepare, and get posted on Thursday will be of help.

How it all started?

I just went back from a trip in Kuala Lumpur, where I, surprisingly, had the biggest appetite of my life. I already had passed up a lot of delish fanfares and buffets but this, I just can’t say no. Looking at the cuisines PLOY had served on our table, and finally devouring them like I have not eaten real food for the first time, was truly an orgasmic experience. My friends and I surely enjoyed the night. Camwhoring took place afterwards, plus we got to talk to one of their cute wine servers.

Howdy! This is Jeanette Anzon, and that is just a glimpse of what you will be seeing here in my blog. I have been stressing myself lately whether to create one or not, but with a lot of persistence coming from my friends, and due to the freezing loads I have from work and everyday life, I decided to party chase, and have a taste of my long- time dream of a career: writing and photography. This is how it all started.

Yes! Writing and photography have been a passion of mine. Though I had archived notes and albums in my Facebook account, I felt the need to create a host for my writings and photos so I may be able to impart more of my knowledge and experiences to a large audience. This first post may come random to your assessment, but in the next few days, expect a solid, structured blog, complete with categories of topics: Marketing, Technology, Home Improvement and Design, Hosting, etc. But in the mean time, give yourself more time knowing me.

I graduated from UP Los Baños, and took my Masters degree in Architecture in UP Diliman, where I found out that the models for the Oblation statue came from 3 people for certain body parts. Now, isn’t that strangely awesome? With that overture, I think you know why I engaged in Architecture. I see it as both science and art, which most of my pictures on structural designs, buildings, homes, etc, manifest. In fact, one of my proposed designs for CCP Architectural Design competition exhibit was displayed as a scale model. That achievement made me more driven.

Now, I currently work in the real estate industry, while steadily learning about marketing, and a little bit of Economics.

Before my knack in writing expires, let me share you an adage popularized by Robert Frost:

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.